Sunny Days

Music Is Important!


Music is a very important part of a child’s learning. They experience rhythm and learn to move their bodies to a beat, clap in time to the music and develop delight in their favourite songs. Children enjoy investigating how things sound and how sounds can be changed – wither they are bashing a pot with a wooden spoon and then a metal spoon or playing a drum and then a tambourine.

It is all about learning!


 Sunny Summer Days!


We have really been enjoying the sunny weather recently and even put on our sun cream and headed out on a walk to Telegraph Hill Park!

Do you know there is a Telegraph Hill Play Club where you can go with your mum and dad and play with all the cool equipment there! We visited them on our walk and it was lot of fun to play on the bikes and meet the other children who were playing!
Then we had a turn on the swings and the big slide! Even Anna had a turn! It was so much fun!!

We are really looking forward to summer and all the fun things it will bring!


Dinosaur Roar!


We have had lots of fun investigating dinosaurs and their foot prints. We took the paint and paper outside, put on our aprons and started printing.

“ROAR!!!” the dinosaurs said as they stomped their colourful footprints over the paper. We talked about the different colours we were using and what happened when they mixed together – do you know that when you mix red and yellow you get ORANGE! We also talked about the different shapes that the dinosaur feet made. Some like the brachiosaurus have feet which look round and other like the T-Rex have toes and claws instead.

We do love dinosaurs and it is always exciting to investigate them in new and different ways!